About Me


My name is Connor Brooks, and I am currently in my senior year of undergraduate study at Western Kentucky University. I am pursuing a major in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. My interests include robot motion planning and control, multi-robot coordination, and computer vision. To get in touch, send me an email at: connormbrooks@gmail.com.



Work & Activities


Since Spring 2015, I have worked as a Tutor for WKU's Computer Science Department. I tutor students primarily in introductory Java and Python classes, as well as an Object-Oriented Data Structures in Java class.

Ogden College Ambassadors:
I work as an ambassador for WKU's Ogden College of Science & Engineering. This involves attending recruiting events to talk to potential students interested in STEM majors at WKU, as well as representing Ogden College at student orientation and registration events. I have held this position since Fall 2015.

Summer Internships

NASA Langley Research Center:
During the summer of 2016, I interned in the Research Directorate of NASA Langley Research Center. I worked in the Safety- Criticial Avionics Systems Branch developing computer vision applications for a project working on a safety-centric middleware for autonomous unmanned aerial systems. To read more about the project, visit the project page here.

Kentucky Mesonet:
During the summer of 2015, I interned at the Kentucky Mesonet- a network of weather monitoring stations based at WKU. I helped complete an overhaul of their website's entire front-end, and did research into state-of-the-art data visualization for weather services. The graphs and tables that I developed to display data can be seen on their live data pages, here.


I am the leader of the Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group for WKU's chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery. This involves leading group projects each semester that help the group members learn about techniques and problems within the field of Artificial Intelligence. I have held this position since Fall 2015.

Hack the Hill Planning Committee:
As of Fall 2016, I am involved in a committee that is working to plan WKU's first official MLH hackathon. This hackathon is to be held in November of 2016, and will be a weekend event where coders and developers from all over the region will come create whatever they can invent and compete for prizes. The website for Hack the Hill can be viewed here.